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Sunday, April 13, 2008

I love you. I love you not. I bring you. I bring you not.

I've allotted myself 2 of these lovely lift-van moving crates to complete the initial outfitting of my house in France. Ideally, from a cost perspective I'd only use one ... but I'm not certain that is possible. (That reminds me...need to post a brief blurb on how I arrived upon lift-vans and final mover selection. Soon, soon.)

So, here I am now trying to select the optimal combination of function and form to fit into these 2 containers. Those who know me know my love of my art pieces ... a variety of wall art, sculptures, busts, etc. Combine those with my love of books and glassware and it becomes very, very difficult! Once I've selected the form aspect, then one needs something to hold those items. That is where furniture comes in. I am having a hard time estimating what will fit, etc.

So I'm currently placing mostly everything in my dining area, a space I think roughly represents a similar amount of space. I'm putting things in, taking them out, trying to allow for wrapping material. I'm going for one container of furniture, one container of boxes.

The estimator arrives next Thursday. I'm wondering if she'll say "You've got to be joking ... " or "that will never fill 2 containers!". Not hard to guess, I suppose.


Kelly said...

Kim Kim Kim..... I have seen you're garage, are you sure you can manage two containers? :-)

Kimberlee said...

quit sharing my secrets, you ! ha!